NY Yankees

New York Yankees

‘There can be only one….’

You give your first love in sports – and its never the same after that. Just as I will always be a Derby County fan, and a Derbyshire C.C. supporter, I will be a fan of the New York Yankees.
You may ask why a quintessential British person would be attracted to the most famous name in professional baseball. Well, it is simple, and rather complicated, also – just like life. Baseball is a cousin of cricket, so I was naturally drawn to it – plus the fact that I was born within hailing distance of The Baseball Ground, Derby, the venue for the first baseball games on British soil, and worked for an engineering company named after the man who introduced the game to the UK.
There is also the startling fact that my late father-in-law played for the Yankees in their ‘farm system’ prior to WW2.  All these pieces of information, when taken together, meant that it became very easy for me to regard the Yankees as my ‘home’ team.
Over the past ten years or so I have begun to appreciate some of the subtleties of baseball; I think that I have now reached a point where my new-found knowledge allows me a chance to fully enjoy the upcoming 2009 season. Who knows, that elusive 27th World Championship might very well be just around the corner!

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