The new Yankee Stadium


On April 3rd and 4th, the Chicago Cubs will be hosted by the NY Yankees in the first games ever played at the new Yankee Stadium, just across the road from their iconic former home. Undoubtedly, the offer of 1923 prices for many of the seats at these first exhibition  games will ensure a full house, but people will also be lured by the many high-tech aspects of the new stadium. Video screens everywhere, a ‘batter’s eye’ restaurant behind one-way dark glass, wide concourses, and lots of other amenities. As well as the new signings made by the Yankees, there will be much to enjoy.

However, despite the enhanced revenue streams (no less than 51 ‘sky boxes’ for example), there is something missing at the new stadium, in my humble opinion. A retractable roof! There was a simple decision made at the planning stage, I feel; less ‘bells and whistles’ and a roof (a la Seattle Mariners) or a high-tech stadium and all that the weather can bring to the mix. Many times, critical games have been ruined by the New York weather, not to mention a notoriously sun-affected outfield and home plate. Very well, I’ll concede that there would not have been that amazing grand slam by Jason Giambi against the Twins, in what was a virtual downpour, but I shall still yearn for the certainty that a roofed stadium would have brought.

2 comments on “The new Yankee Stadium”

  1. So many great, great games in the old stadium. I had a hard time saying goodbye to it. Nice post…


  2. Thank you for your comment; it was most kind. I would assume that you are an Orioles fan? In which case I wish you well for the forthcoming campaign; the Birds need major changes to their 40-man roster, I fear.


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