Castles in the air, and on the ground…..

Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D40

Castles – the very word has gravitas, it feels bulky on the tongue. I was brought up within a mile of a ruined Norman castle in Derbyshire, and played beneath its time-ravaged walls. Codnor Castle is now in such a precarious state that the surviving remains are mostly held up with scaffolding. For those of you who saw the ‘Time Team’ episode which was devoted to the site, it is obvious just how important the castle USED to be.

There are two other castles in the county, the famous ‘sister castle’ to Codnor, Peveril Castle, and the later Bolsover Castle, with its extremely rare Riding House (for the indoor demonstration of equestrian skills), and dominating position on an escarpment, which now overlooks the M1 motorway. It is only partially restored – although English Heritage do a good job with what they have; I would urge you all to visit, if you can. Here is a photograph of the ‘Star Chamber’ at Bolsover, taken during a recent trip

The Star Chamber at Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire

 – enjoy!

2 comments on “Castles in the air, and on the ground…..”

  1. When I see pictures like this I’m just amazed at not only the structures themselves, but the art within the walls. I myself have only been to Spain, but I’m a bit of an Anglophile and have always romanticized English castles in my mind. This picture is just wonderful, in terms of history and aesthetics.


    • Dear Chelsea, I am SO pleased that you enjoyed the photograph of the ‘Star Chamber’ in the ‘Little Castle’ at Bolsover Castle ( a truly wonderful experience, you really have to see it!)

      I would be happy to supply you with other photograph of this and similar places – just type in ‘castle’ in the search box at the bottom right of any page. You might be surprised! Your name, by the way, it a transliteration of ‘seal’s eye’, the name for a small islet (which no longer exists) in the River Thames, opposite what is now Chelsea! If I can be of any service, please contact me via my consultancy on


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