A cooling tray of my baked goods!

A cooling tray of my baked goods!

Now Epiphany is with us (and a last ‘waes hail’ to the Norse amongst us), we enter the ancient period of Opentyde – which runs from Epiphany to Ash Wednesday – when marriages were traditionally conducted (King Henry VIII married Anne of Cleves on this day in 1540), are you listening, Derek Sanderson Jeter?

 Why the baked goods you ask? Merely to demonstrate my domestic skills. Oh, and I am a strong believer in exogamy………as was Henry the VIII (someone who had nearly as many girlfriends as Derek Jeter!)

From left to right – wholemeal raisin scones, crusty peasant bread (enjoyed by many crusty peasants), dinner rolls. My mother was an excellent baker, and a fine cook, and since she had no daughters, someone has to keep up the good work.

Enjoy the New Year, everyone! Wassail !

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