‘Tyger! Tyger! Burning bright….’

De Havilland 82A Tiger Moth II

Ah! De Havilland…..
I must admit to a continuing love affair with De Havilland aircraft. They are elegant, usually efficient, flyers with a certain flair to them. Here we see a classic example of the DeH 82a Tiger Moth II, in RAF post-WW2 training colours of silver with yellow bands (amazing to think that this scheme was also carried by DeH Vampire T.11 jet trainers!) This particular machine was on the Belgian civil register for a time, but now is beautifully restored to RAF marks. Note the anti-spin strakes, just forward of the fin. DE470 has flown as part of the Tiger Club’s ‘Diamond Nine’ formation, including performing the ever-popular ‘Tiger Break’ manoeuver, but here she is well-picketted at GVFWE, Hullavington.
Oh, and another reason I so love the Tiger Moth is that some were re-built, in the 1950s, into FOUR-seat aircraft which had one of the most amazing names in aviation, the Thruxton Jackaroo!

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