P-51D-20NA Mustang

P51D Mustang

 The P-51D was probably the most effective fighter of WW2. A marriage made in heaven, of an advanced airframe with the superb RR Merlin engine, gave the Allies a magnificent escort fighter, able to reach Berlin from bases in East Anglia, and battle late model Me109 and FW190 aircraft in their own backyard.  Early versions of the Merlin-powered P-51B, for example, had only 4 x .50 calibre Browning machinguns; the P-51D had 6  ‘fifties’, and this became the standard US fighter armament well into the Korean War. This lovely example is owned by Peter Teichman (based at North Weald, with the Hangar 11 collection) and carries the typical late war scheme of polished natural metal, invasion stripes and flamboyant personal decoration! Another excellent job from the team at Hangar 11.

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