Pretty French single-seater

G-ASHT, Druine D.31 Turbulent

The tiny Turbulent is a French design (by Roger Druine) and was meant to be the lightest aicraft possible powered by a 45hp Ardem Mk IV VW engine.  It has some superficial resemblance to the Jodel D9 Bebe, without, of course, the characteristic polyhedral wings of the Jodel.

Factory-built versions of this pretty little single seater were available from Rollason in the UK and Stark Flugzeugbau in Germany; many others were built from plans.

2 comments on “Pretty French single-seater”

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you know the owner of this aircraft and any way I could contact him/her?



    Dear Glen

    G-ASHT is owned by a Mr Charles Huke…..if you contact me at airshowconsultants@hotmail, I will be happy to supply further details…..


  2. Hi,

    I am enquiring with regards to G-ASHT. Would you know if she will be participating in GVFW 2010 at Kemble, either flying or static ?

    My late Papa purchased this aircraft from Rollason Aircraft & Engines in Croydon on the 2nd July1963. Have heard so many stories and adventures about this plane that it would be a dream come true to actually see it .


    Simon James Tyrrell


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