A slice of heaven….the High Peak, Derbyshire

View towards Hope, in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire

Here we have a slice of heaven…..in the High Peak of Derbyshire, deep in the Peak District National Park (the first such established in Great Britain). In the original photograph you could see some white dots (sheep) and the typical ‘dry stone walls’ which are used to control their grazing. In the far distance, you can just make out on the horizon the dark mass of Mam Tor (the Shivering Mountain) which was once topped by an Iron Age hill fort.

Ah, Derbyshire! Home of Bakewell pudding, Blue John (a unique semi-precious stone), Derby County (Up the Rams!), Rolls-Royce, the first silk mill in England, and, incidentally, the textile factory system, which gave rise to the Industrial Revolution (see the World Heritage Site in the Derwent River valley).

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