Yet another aviation blog? Hardly…..

Well, here we are, turning short finals, just coming back on the power, and……what? I’m waiting for the bump as the main wheels hit the grass? Well, there’s a little left in the tank; I might just call for a go around, and try for another circuit……

I have seen a lot, done much, but there are still a few things left to experience – so here goes!

This blog will have a fair bit of aviation in it (bound to happen with my background), but also chunks of industrial chemistry, museology, textile technology, engineering, travel and tourism, metallurgy, Victorian literature, science fiction, library science, and military history. These themes are NOT exclusive, so beware (there may also be bits and pieces of cricket and baseball, too). One other warning; ALL photographs are my own, and copyright WILL be enforced; if you wish to use any, we can negotiate.

Anyhow, ATC seems to be chattering away in the background, so …..let’s aviate!

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