‘There I was, upside down, in cloud, on fire, nothing on the clock except the maker’s name, when suddenly…..

Well, here we are, having fun.........

N.B.  ALL images are copyright Ross Sharp ©

For many years, I have been volunteering at various air events around the UK. It’s a bit of a long haul from New England, but well worth it. I meet many old friends, make new ones, and talk….and talk…. I get to play a bit, too, as you can see.

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6 comments on “‘There I was, upside down, in cloud, on fire, nothing on the clock except the maker’s name, when suddenly…..”

  1. Oh, and for those who were wondering……’There I was, upside down, in cloud…etc.’ is the traditional parody of a ‘line-shoot’, which could sometimes be heard in various service Messes around the UK (and beyond) back in the golden age of flying.


  2. Heya Ross,
    I really enjoy all the beautiful pictures you have here. Just gorgeous. If I’m ever in your neck of the woods I will have to get all touristy and see some of these amazing sights! Thanks for all the time and effort that went into this. I appreciate it.


  3. I believe the author has passed on, if the obit from Caldwell UK is pertinent to him and I believe that it is:

    Sharp, Ross
    Ross Sharp, 70, Caldwell, died Sunday, April 11, 2010, at home of natural causes Services are pending with Dakan Funeral Chapel, Caldwell 459 3629 (more)


    • Actually, the reports of my demise are somewhat premature……………..but sadly, my family has suffered several losses, causing me to travel to the UK outside the normal cycle of trips!


  4. Glad to see that I was mistaken and sorry for your recent losses, as well. I’ve updated my blog, too.


  5. always takecare and twit for me Ross 🙂
    i like your activities!


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