How do you build a WW2 icon? Use jigs and fixtures!

Bringing an iconic aircraft type back to life is never easy. As the years go by, it gets harder and harder. Memories of skilled craftsmen fade, spare parts become harder to find and it takes a dedicated, highly skilled restoration company, such as Retrotec Ltd to provide the technical expertise required.

A few months ago, The People’s Mosquito (a Registered Charity, No 1165903) were given the chance to bid on a highly-prized set of CAD files for the major components of a de Havilland Mosquito. Not only that, but the CAD files came as part of a package of around 6 tonnes of jigs and fixtures, for the wing, tank doors, flaps, fin, rudder, tailplanes, elevators and bomb bay doors. These jigs had been used to build the aforementioned components for the latest flyable Mosquito FB.VI, PZ474.

Fitted carefully into a container, the components started their 13,000+ mile sea voyage from Napier, New Zealand to the UK port of Southampton. Eventually, the container was off-loaded from the giant 200,000 ton container ship, the ‘Al Dahna’, which had had to wait until high tide before proceeding up Southampton Water, and processed through Customs. A local company, SJG Haulage of Southampton, did a grand job of conveying our container to Retrotec’s works, where the Mosquito project will be based.

We cannot begin to express our delight at seeing the start of the active build phase of The People’s Mosquito project. Guy Black’s Retrotec Ltd – one of the most respected aircraft restoration companies in the world – are already making a start on the production of the first fuselage mould for a Mosquito; the very first such mould in the UK for more than 70 years! It is certain that Retrotec will work closely with the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority to ensure that the work meets the high standards required.

How can you learn more? You can sign up for The People’s Mosquito’s own free newsletter, ‘The Buzz’ , on , or to gain insider information, and get many other benefits such as exclusive Members’ Days events and access to our respected online Journal, ‘Mossie Bites’; see

Company participation and sponsorship in this exciting STEM-based restoration project is welcomed (contact for details) and both aviation enthusiasts and the general public are urged to support The People’s Mosquito by direct donation, PayPal, by arranging a legacy and in many other ways; see

If a loved one was involved either as aircrew, groundcrew, or in the building or servicing of the magnificent Mosquito, what better way to remember their work than by supporting The People’s Mosquito project?

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  1. Excellent. Most excellent 🙂


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