The Red Lion Inn, Revesby, Lincolnshire

Let us assume that you are touring the Lincolnshire Wolds, you have spent a busy day in Lincoln, viewing the Cathedral and Lincoln Castle, and, since you are an aviation buff, have just spent a happy hour or two at the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, viewing their Lancaster B. Mk VII, ‘Just Jane’, the excellent C-47, and other aircraft WW2 exhibits. You want to carry on and drive to RAF Coningsby, where the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre is located, but when you hit the Sleaford Road again, start to feel a little tired. Need a break? How about a bed for the night? Solved! Welcome to the Red Lion Inn, Revesby, Lincolnshire.

You suddenly come across the Red Lion as you sweep around a curve. It is a big, bold red-brick building, with some fine Victorian touches. The sign reads, ‘Red Lion Inn – Good Honest Country Inn’, and it truly is! Typical of the larger inns scattered about the Lincolnshire countryside, it is in the middle of the famous Revesby Estate, which has passed down through a number of owners, until it is, today, owned and managed by the Wiggins-Davis family, who live at Revesby Park House. The land has been farmed since Neolithic times, and there is much to see and do, here abouts. The syllable ‘-by’ at the end of the village name tells you that this was once a Norse or Danish settlement; after all, it is inside the boundaries of the Danelaw, that area of England settled and controlled by the Vikings from the 9th to the 11th centuries.

You are not far from The National Trust property, Tattershall Castle, a rare brick castle from the Middle Ages which dominates the local landscape, and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight’s Visitor Centre, where you can view exhibits about the work of the Flight, and tour the fabulous collection of Royal Air Force WW2 aircraft. Also close by, in Wainfleet, is the brewery that owns the Red Lion, Bateman’s. It is based in a fascinating 200-year old windmill, and has brewery tours, where you can learn about the history of brewing, as well as see other non-beer related exhibits, and enjoy a tasty snack! Highly recommended. Finally, the area has something a little more exotic to offer -‘Oslinc – The Home of the Lincolnshire Ostrich’. White House Farm, near Boston, is a flourishing producer of ostrich meat – the ‘OTHER red meat’. Low in fat, and reputedly healthier than other meats, it is available year round. I don’t think I could slap a big ostrich steak on the grill, but I COULD be tempted by their home-made ice cream, in 15 flavors; however, I would also have to turn down their current summer special – crocodile burgers! (No, I am not joking).

Finally, after a varied and enjoyable day, you can settle down at the Red Lion, for a glass of one of their award-winning ales, or a pleasant meal before retiring to your en-suite room. They pride themselves on their use of local ingredients, and their cooking is very tasty. I am only sorry that I was not there on the 25th January for their Burns Supper. The Menu was as follows: ‘Cullen Skink’ – potato and smoked haddock soup; ‘Haggis & Clapshot with Whisky Sauce – ‘clapshot’ is mashed potato & swede; ‘Cranachan’ – oats, cream, whisky and raspberries. I think that I would have enjoyed that.

The Red Lion Inn, Revesby – truly a ‘good, honest, country inn’.

2 comments on “The Red Lion Inn, Revesby, Lincolnshire”

  1. Sounds like an excellent vacation run 🙂


    • Yes, and I only came upon it by accident, after leaving the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre! Lots to see and do, locally


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