The Glamorgan Heritage Coast, South Wales – a beautiful place!

Here we can see a portion of the beautiful Glamorgan Heritage Coast (Arfordir Treftadaeth Morgannwg), which is the southernmost part of the country of Wales (Cymru). This part of the coastline stretches from Aberthaw (Aberddawan) to Porthcawl, a distance of 14 miles, and achieved Heritage Coast status in 1973. This particular shot was taken near the picturesque village of Llantwit Major, and shows an amazing wave-cut platform of Liassic limestone, which forms the beach. The cliffs consist of strata of Carboniferous sandstone and limestone laid down around 200 million years ago, and later uplifted.

The Wales Coast Path runs immediately behind this beach. This superb long-distance pathway, covers the whole 870 mile long coast of Wales, and offers superb views over some of the most spectacular Welsh scenery. From this vantage point you view the English side of the Bristol Channel, including the hills of Somerset. This stretch of beach is famous for wind-surfing and other recreational activities The rocks often yield small fossils from the Carboniferous Period.

The Glamorgan Heritage Coast – well worth the visit.

2 comments on “The Glamorgan Heritage Coast, South Wales – a beautiful place!”

  1. A beaut of an outcrop 🙂


    • Thanks so much! Its about 10 miles away from my brother’s house (they live almost on the beach). I keep pointing my camera at things and hope things work out ……..I’ll send an image or two from the road, then lots more on my return (August 11th). Cheers! The Nikon batteries are charged, and the big Nikon flashgun is loaded for bear. (I have a new diffuser to try out!)


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