Well, the Yankees are still hanging in there…

Here we are , past the half-way mark of the season and accelerating down the stretch. At this point in time, it would be best to take stock of what has happened so far this season. As of Monday, August 3rd, the Yankees are hanging onto a half game lead in the AL East, following an uninspiring 1-3 series against the White Sox. The loss of Wang has caused the need for an extra starter, but Sergio Mitre is NOT the answer. Should Phil the Franchise be ‘stretched out’ again, and removed from his set-up role, or should Brian Cashman try for a low-cost miracle, like Shaun Chacon? Let’s see what is out there, post-trade deadline, I say.

The new Stadium has huge public spaces, a fabulous ‘foodcourt crossed with museum’ feel – and a terrible reputation as a home run launching pad. ‘Coors Field East’ will have to be tweaked in the off season; someone has to persuade Leon Trost that the fences can be a little higher in right field, and that the Yankees can stand the loss of income from the removal of three or four rows of seats in this area, too.  Either that, or no elite free-agent pitcher will ever sign with the Yankees again. It would be nice to think that something would be done about ‘Monument Cave’ as well.

Three bright spots from this season, so far. Francisco Cervelli has shown himself to be the Yankees ‘catcher-in-waiting’, when Jorge Posada finally hangs up ‘the tools of ignorance’. A young man who is a solid receiver of the ball, and who has great fire and enthusiasm – a real find. Another ‘good thing’, as Martha Stewart would say, is the return to form of the Captain. Derek Jeter may be on the wrong side of the performance graphs of the Sabrematricians, but he has obviously worked exceptionally hard in the off-season to improve his range and his play in general….a re-vitalised Jeter is a VERY dangerous player. Finally, someone is going to have to start mentioning Mark Teixeira as the 2009 AL Gold Glove Award Winner. His play at first base hasn’t just been spectacular (the vertical leaping catch off the ex-Yankee, Dioner Navarro, this weekend, was incredible) it has been a revelation. Now we know just how truly awful Jason Giambi was in the field.

Well, that’s enough of a re-cap for now. Soon, it will be time for a series against the Red Sox at the Stadium – and that should sort a few things out!

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