CEA Jodel DR. 1050-M1 ‘Sicile Record’


The aircraft you see here is a very colourful example of the Jodel DR. 1050-M1 ‘Sicile Record’, taxying at GVFWE, Cotswold Airport, Kemble. This four-seater is powered by a Continental Motors Corporation O-200 engine driving an EVRA propeller, and was once on the French Civil Register as F-BMGN until 1972. It was built in 1964, under licence by Centre Est Aeronautique, an aviation company under the direction of Pierre Robin. Jean Delemontez worked closely with Pierre Robin to produce a specific series of  Jodel designs; indeed, the prototype DR.1050-M1 was originally constructed as a DR.100A in 1958, then converted to the later standard in 1962. The aircraft name commemorates the fact that Pierre Robin, flying a Jodel, won the Round Sicily Rally in 1964 at an average speed of 162mph – although the external door handles had been removed, and the door/fuselage gaps sealed with tape to reduce drag!

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