Car vs building…….and the winner is…..

Mercury vs condominium

Occasionally, bad things happen to good people… the driver of this car.

I was sitting in my Lay-Z-Boy recliner, when the whole building shook, then there was a splattering sound as if someone had thrown a shovelful of gravel against the front door of the condominium. When I opened the door, I found that a car had entered the building THROUGH the two glass doors and across the carpeted atrium, impacting the steel-reinforced brick elevator shaft. I was able to render first aid to the elderly driver (her shoe heel had got caught under the accelerator pedal, and she had sped across the car park, up a concrete footpath, and through two glass and metal sets of doors). I stayed with her until the ambulance and the  paramedics arrived…..THEN started shaking! This photograph was taken later, as the police and firemen (aided by a tow truck) began the process of removing the car from the building. Anyone crossing the atrium at the moment of the crash would have stood little chance, as a cloud of metal pieces and glass particles was sprayed across it at high velocity – I was still picking pieces of glass out of our front door days later; ten feet to the left and my Laz-Z-Boy would have needed to be a two-seater…………

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