Curtain wall, Peveril Castle

The invading Normans erected a castle on the heights above a small settlement at the head of the Hope Valley in what became Derbyshire, which absolutely dominated the surrounding land. Needless to say, the little settlement grew, and was renamed Castleton. Nearly impregnable when it was completed, this fortress has finally fallen to the ravages of time. This is a section of the curtain wall enclosing the site, complete with one of the guard towers, facing the Hope Valley, and the fertile grazing land in the valley bottom.  Close up, this section of the wall feels impressive, and I can imagine the feeling of awe this castle would generate in the local populace, and also the feeling of safety which led to them building their dwellings near to the castle walls. The zig-zag path up Castle Hill affords some magnificent views over the Hope Valley, which has a wonderful ‘U’ shape, showing  the classic signs of  glaciation which took part in prehistoric times  (this is best viewed from the top of Mam Tor). Fortunately, there are some nice benches along the approach path so you can take time to enjoy the magnificent view of Mam Tor and the Hope Valley at leisure!

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