A Nottingham success story – via the USA!


In the 1920s two brothers from Nottingham ,Clarence and Gordon Taylor, left for the USA and better times. The brothers formed their own aircraft company to build a light, two-seat trainer and ‘club’ aircraft. Relocating to Ohio, from Rochester, NY, they were joined by an oilman, William Piper, who quickly engineered a take-over of the company for his own benefit. Piper later renamed the firm, and the rest is, as they say, history. Clarence Taylor (his brother having been killed flying one of their aircraft) was forced out, and went on to found a new company which became Taylorcraft. Always concentrating on two-seat, tandem, high-wing and fabric-covered machines, these products were in direct competition with the much-more aggressively marketed Piper Cub. Both designs were used extensively during WW2 – the BL-65 shown was known by the US Army as the L-2F – on such tasks as artillery observation, liaison, medical evacuation, etc.

One comment on “A Nottingham success story – via the USA!”

  1. Thanks for your posting. I think Clarence (Gilbert) and Gordon were born in Rochester, NY (or maybe Hamilton, ON). They were my great uncles. Their father, Arthur Taylor, was from the Nottingham area. If anyone else traces their lineage to these guys, drop me a line! My young son’s middle name is Taylor, which is appropriate as he’s inherited their mechanical intuition.

    Interesting to hear about British Taylorcraft.


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