Airshow vs Rain…and the winner is…..

'Oh! The humanity........'

This is every airshow organizer’s worst nightmare. The ambulances and rapid response vehicles are at their RV point, the steel crowd barriers are up, the PA up and tested, there’s a 5,000 gallon tanker of potable water off in the distance, and a prime mover is standing by, ready to…well…move primes, I suppose! There is even an ice cream van lurking under a hedge. Just two things missing – aircraft and a crowd. This photograph was taken about 15 minutes after ‘gates open’, and I had described the cloud state as ‘8 octas at a duck’s bottom!’ (sorry, I’m very old fashioned when it comes to Met).

The young stream you can see to the left USED to be a perimeter track, and this lot continued for hours.

All you can do is pray for a break and a drying wind, and that the second day will be better (it was).

Oh, and the green ‘lump’ to the left? A genuine, grass-covered L-type hangar from WW2 (this was at Hullavington).

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