Arrow slit – Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle really is one of the most spectacular examples of a Mediaeval castle (with later additions). I particularly enjoy walking the castle battlements, and observing the changing views.

Here we can see an arrow slit, complete with oillets (the rounded ends of the slit’s arms, which allows better aiming of the arrow). One thing to look for is the way that the arrow slit and the stonework has been repaired, with new pieces of stonework being used to restore some of the original contours. I tried to frame the tower of Warwick Cathedral, which you can see in the distance, for ‘artistic effect’ – but didn’t quite get it right!

2 comments on “Arrow slit – Warwick Castle”

  1. coolpic best website yet all the othas r rubbbbbbbisshh!!!
    thanx anywaz


  2. am usin the pic 4 history coursework!


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