An Auster AOP6, really? No, that’s Reilly-Ffoull !

Auster J-1N Alpha, G-BLPG

Here we can see another sheep-in-wolf’s-clothing, this time it is an Auster J-1N Alpha, G-BLPG, re-painted to represent an Auster AOP6 of the post-war Royal Canadian Air Force. All-yellow schemes were often used where aircraft would operate over snow, or in wilderness areas (and there is certainly a lot of both of those in Canada). The AOP6 was an immediate post-war development of the AOP5, to give better all-round performance, and was supplied to the RAF, RCAF and Belgian Air Force, amongst others. ‘16693’ is a regular visitor to GVFWE, and is very smartly turned-out.

It carries some interesting ‘nose art’ (a practice that went on right through the Gulf War); in this case it is a drawing of Captain A.R.P. Reilly-Ffoull, the leading character in a British cartoon strip, ‘Just Jake’, which appeared in the Daily Mirror during WW2. It was drawn by Bernard Graddon, from 1938 until his death in 1952.

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