Rain and airshows; they really don’t mix!

'Heavy' piston-engined aircraft park, GVFWE

This was the scene at GVFWE Hullavington, shortly before a burst of heavy rain moved through. As you can see, we are in the midst of setting-up the ‘heavy’ piston-engined aircraft park, and a number of crew are pitching tents. In the line, you can see an Antonov An-2, Douglas DC-3 (with radar), Percival Pembroke, Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, a very interesting mix. All I can say is that the cost of insuring an outdoor event against adverse weather is so high as to make it prohibitive to do so (it would cost you around 30% of your gate monies, thereby more than wiping out any profit margin!)

As an interesting note, the DC-3, G-ANAF, was used to test the Thales Searchwater 2000MR radar, as fitted to the RAF’s Nimrod MR.4A aircraft. With the reduction in the number of Nimrods in that order, several of the already-built specialist radars are surplus to requirements.

One comment on “Rain and airshows; they really don’t mix!”

  1. Ан-2 мy favorite plane.
    DC-3 too very very good plane. It is a pity that no longer produced.
    An-2 is still produced


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