Scotland – crossing the border

Crossing the border!


I am very aware of the Scottish part of my heritage. After all, my name means ‘man from the headland’ in Scots Gaelic! It was very tempting, therefore, to make a short trip north from Ellingham Hall (the venue for Paul and Marianne’s wedding), through Berwick-on-Tweed, and into Scotland.

Berwick is a strange place, having changed hands between Scotland and England no less than 13 times! The Elizabethan era fortifications are quite something. Here we are at the border; the Scottish side – on the road to Edinburgh – is marked by a neat stone, flagpoles and a large sign, saying ‘Fàilte gu Alba’ (Welcome to Scotland) in Scots Gaelic,  located in a layby. By contrast, the English side has a rather scruffy tea-bar, parked in the corresponding layby, with one small English flag, and a nondescript sign saying ‘England’.

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