Ferret racing…..!

Ferret racing!
Wheatsheaf Inn, blackboard
Wheatsheaf Inn, blackboard

The English countryside is dotted with isolated villages. At the core of many villages can be  found the local pub. Along with the church, the village store, the village hall, the village school and the sub-post office , it forms one of the elements around which the village lifestyle revolves.

The GVFWE team found that the Wheatsheaf Inn at Crudwell, Wiltshire also contained a sub-post office – this combining of two functions is not uncommon these days.
After a splendid GVFWE Team Dinner, following a successful event, I happened to see these notices at the entrance to the pub. Normally, village noticeboards contain details of items for sale, local tradesmen and other events. Ferret racing (with fish and chips) is something that I would have enjoyed seeing, I think. I’ll bet the ferret left the fish and chips standing!

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