‘The Blue Anchor Inn’, East Aberthaw

'The Blue Anchor Inn', East Aberthaw

When I visit my family in South Wales, one of the venues for a pleasant lunch is this inn, ‘The Blue Anchor’ in the little village of East Aberthaw in the Vale of Glamorgan. A thatched mediaeval building, it first opened its doors as a hostelry in 1380, when East Aberthaw was a significant port (bigger than nearby Barry, for example). Since people were, on average, much smaller in the 14th century, you will find doors rather awkwardly placed at times, as they have had to be enlarged/moved.  Also, natural light is at a premium inside the Inn, as you can see by the small windows – another hold-over! The Inn suffered a major fire involving the upper story in 2004, but has been successfully restored. The food here is absolutely splendid, and I really enjoy each visit.

Oh, and the name of the Inn? The local bay, where the trading vessels used to anchor, has a layer of blue marl clay on the bottom, so when a ship hauled anchor to sail away from East Aberthaw, it’s anchor was liberally coated with the stuff! Please note that despite the presence of the BMW convertible in the foreground, the main car park for the Inn is on the opposite side of the road!

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