My last ‘at bat’ – cricket, that is!

By: shortfinals

Jan 09 2009

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My last cricket bat

Cricket was a way of life for me, for many years. As a wicketkeeper/batsman (usually batting 4, 5 or 6, although opening when necessary) who could also produce right-arm medium pace swing bowling for a team as a ‘change’ bowler, I found ‘gainful employment’ in the Notts & Derby Border League, the Wiltshire League and the Royal Air Force League for a total of 21 seasons as well as playing for various school and industrial sides. To say that I enjoyed playing is an understatement, and I was relatively good at it. Here you can see a souvenir; I brought my last bat to the USA with me, as a keepsake. I found it in an excellent cricketing emporium in Biscester, UK, and it fit me like a glove. It weighs exactly 3 lbs 14 oz, and the balance suits my style of hitting to a T. As you can see, the handle eventually gave out and was repaired, giving a little change in the appearance, but with no change in balance. It actually seemed to hit the ball further, afterwards (it could have been the better-splined handle which I asked to be fitted). The purple rubber handle cover is a flamboyant touch. I LIKE purple!

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