Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer Series 3

Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer

This is truly a wonderful piece of aviation design from Scottish Aviation. Following on from their successful Pioneer (a STOL utility aircraft, used by the RAF), the request for a larger aircraft with the same characteristics gave rise to the Twin Pioneer, which first flew in 1955 – just double the Alvis Leonides radial engines, and keep the same high-wing format it seems. A short production run didn’t stop the ‘Twin Pin’ from being very good at it’s job. The RAF was the main military user and one Twin Pioneer became the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s very first aircraft . A rock steady survey and photographic platform, with excellent slow-speed handling and STOL performance, some were used in rugged countries such as Nepal and Canada by civilian operators.

Here we see one of the most photographed examples of this type, operated in this case by Atlantique Air Transport at GVFWE, Hullavington, but still retaining the famous ‘raspberry ripple’ finish of the Empire Test Pilots’ School at Boscombe Down.

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