A Luton Minor is no minor thing….

Luton L.A. 4A Minor

Looking every inch the 1930s design that it is – this Luton Minor is one of the post-war versions built from plans by members of the Popular Flying Association. I can honestly say that this machine has lashings of character, and it flies well – a testament to its builder, Robert Kirby, who completed this little gem in 1963. My dear friend Arthur Ord-Hume was one of the leading lights in the successful re-emergence of the design in the late 1950’s, and for that we are truly grateful. Fairly ‘short-legged’ (range is around 180 miles), this Minor has turned up at PFA Rallies and the GVFWE on a regular basis, despite numerous changes of ownership. This particular Minor is powered by a modified Volkswagen 1600 engine. Here it appears as an early arrival at GVFWE Abingdon.

3 comments on “A Luton Minor is no minor thing….”

  1. Ahh G-ASML used to be part owned by me 🙂

    A lot of fun especially the first time you fly it (i.e. it only has one seat and no radio so you have to be pretty sure of yourself!)


  2. Ah – I used to own 1/12 of G-ASML!

    A lot of fun… one seat and no electronics at all so you have to be pretty sure of yourself first time you fly it!


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