Bateman’s – Rudyard Kipling’s home

The cartouche over the front door at Batemans

For those with an interest in Kipling, a visit to Bateman’s is something of a major pilgrimage. This Jacobean ironmaster’s house (the setting for ‘Puck of Pook’s Hill’ and ‘Rewards and Fairies’) is a magical place. Whether your taste runs to formal gardens, or the wilderness beyond, Bateman’s will weave it’s spell over you. The interior delights, with its treasures almost piled one on top of the other.  Whatever you do, make sure to visit the watermill across the little River Dudwell, where you can purchase stoneground flour (the mill was used to provide electricity to the house in Kipling’s day, via a turbine).  Nothing completes a visit to Bateman’s like a visit to the Tea Rooms on site – the National Trust serves a splendid cream tea!

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